Keeping your e-mail Looking Good as you Copy and Paste

One text formatting tip that not too many people seem to know. It relates to NeatSchool because some times it causes e-mail messages with improper format.

When you cut/copy & paste content from one application to another these days, the default behavior of the operating system is to move not only the contents but the formatting as well. Many times this causes awkward looking messages where the font changes in the middle of the message. I am happy to share that most applications have a way to paste only the content of a paragraph. For instance, when you use NeatSchool with one of these preferred browsers:

• In Chrome on Windows you do that by typing Ctrl-Shift-V
• On Safari and Chrome on a Mac you do that by selecting the menu entry “Edit>>Past and Match Style” or Command-Shift-V

If you use another environment search on Google/Bing or ask around to find how you do paste only the contents!!