Communication from the Classroom

NeatSchool stations is the best way to have parents sign in/out their students. It is also great,  technology to have staff members sign in/out and automatically track their hours.

But NeatSchool stations is also a great, non intrusive, communication tool to send quick notes from the classroom. Mounted on the classroom wall, is just steps away for a teacher to send a note without needing to use a personal mobile device that could be a personal distraction.

notification about diapers

Every day, hundred of notes are sent from NeatSchool Stations. Parents love the direct, immediate, facts based communication. Here are the themes of some common messages:

  • Request to bring diapers to the school
  • Notification on how long a child slept
  • Request to bring the books back to the library
  • Notification about how much a child ate or how long she slept
  • Request to bring a picture for a project

With just a few clicks the teachers can send notes to specific parents or the entire classroom. They can select from a number of system predefined templates. The Director can also add their own template.

When you define a message you can pick whether it is sent immediately or at the end of the day or both.

NeatSchool stations is one of many ways NeatSchool helps you running your school. Have a great school year!!