New Screencast details NeatSchool Messaging

Screen Shot 2014-08-18 at 9.32.27 AM

One great thing about using NeatSchool to organize your program is that NeatSchool uses the enrollment and class assignment information to automatically create and maintain e-mail lists. You can e-mail the whole program, a class, the members of an account etc. Unlike other e-mail and group systems that you might be using the NeatSchool mailing groups are automatically maintained as a byproduct of keeping your NeatSchool portal up to date with information about students who join or leave the program.

We recently published a screencast that details how you can use NeatSchool mail to communicate with your program. If you are a NeatSchool subscriber you can find the screencast in the Help Section under “Sending Mass E-mail & Text Messages with NeatSchool”.  Otherwise e-mail us to send you a link.