đŸ“‡ NeatSchool Online Directory

If the sense of Community is something important to your program, you probably want to take advantage of the NeatSchool Online Directory Settings.

NeatSchool has an online Directory where all the Parents and Guardians can be optionally listed. In addition to the name and picture, NeatSchool can share a parent’s home phone, mobile phone, e-mail address and/or home address. A parent can navigate to the Online Directory on her mobile phone, click the phone or text message icon and place a call to another parent, that simple…

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We realize that each program has different contact information sharing policies. NeatSchool is flexible to accommodate any privacy setting that is appropriate for your program. First of all, you can completely turn off the Directory if this is not important to you. If the Directory is enabled, an administrator can set reasonable defaults on which fields the parents can share.
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Finally, each parent can overwrite the settings for his or her entry from the Parents Directory.
Using the Online Directory? Drop us a line on what you like and what else you would like to see improved.