E-mail Templates

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NeatSchool Mass Mail makes it easy to send an e-mail message to one or more Classes, Department or your entire Organization. Many of you find yourselves sending similar messages periodically. For instance, once in a while you send a reminder with your program’s policies. Once a year, you might send a e-mail message about certain celebrations. The exact date, time, location and other details might change but the message remains pretty much the same otherwise. Many of you wrote to share that you dislike starting from scratch every time or having to cut and paste from a word document or other source and then have to reformat the message, change the recipients and options etc.

E-mail Templates allow you to save an e-mail message just before you send it. When you save the message you save not only the subject and body but also all the formatting details, recipients, and other options. In the future, you can come back, find the saved e-mail and created a new e-mail message from the saved e-mail. You can then change the e-mail message and send it again. The e-mail templates search feature makes it easy to find a template even when you have accumulate several of them.

Using NeatSchool roles, you can control who else can see the saved e-mail template. This way you can also use this feature to review and edit an e-mail message by multiple people before it is sent and send  it only when all of them have reviewed it and agree in the content and format.

If you want to find more about how the feature works, there is a screencast in the tutorials section of the NeatSchool Help Page.