Happy Thanksgiving


Dear NeatSchool Customers & Friends:

We are very grateful to have you follow us. We are very thankful to those of you who use our service to run your programs.

Have a Happy Thanksgiving Holiday!!!

The NeatSchool Team

Communication from the Classroom

NeatSchool stations is the best way to have parents sign in/out their students. It is also great,  technology to have staff members sign in/out and automatically track their hours.

But NeatSchool stations is also a great, non intrusive, communication tool to send quick notes from the classroom. Mounted on the classroom wall, is just steps away for a teacher to send a note without needing to use a personal mobile device that could be a personal distraction.

notification about diapers

Every day, hundred of notes are sent from NeatSchool Stations. Parents love the direct, immediate, facts based communication. Here are the themes of some common messages:

  • Request to bring diapers to the school
  • Notification on how long a child slept
  • Request to bring the books back to the library
  • Notification about how much a child ate or how long she slept
  • Request to bring a picture for a project

With just a few clicks the teachers can send notes to specific parents or the entire classroom. They can select from a number of system predefined templates. The Director can also add their own template.

When you define a message you can pick whether it is sent immediately or at the end of the day or both.

NeatSchool stations is one of many ways NeatSchool helps you running your school. Have a great school year!!

Google Calendar Integration Improvements

NeatSchool has supported Google Calendar Integration for a long time. Each Program can have a Calendar for the whole program and one for each department. The Calendar appears in the portal and is also shared with parents and staff in the program or Department.


This past week we improved our Calendar support in two important ways. We added the ability for each Class to have its own Calendar. Automatically, each parent will see only events relevant to his/her class, department and of course the whole Program. We also made Calendar integration for the admin really easy. Just create the calendars if you do not have them ready, then in NeatSchool select the one from a drop down list and you are done!!

Try out our new Calendar Integration and share your experience by posting here or by e-mailing support@neatschool.net.

Always up to date Contact Information

With NeatSchool you get accurate contact and profile information for the families in your program when they first enroll. This is thanks to our enrollment form filled by the parents themselves on their mobile phone, tablet or PC. You can see an example of one here and we most recently wrote about it here.

Now, periodically you need to make sure that the families in your program visit their portal and make the necessary changes to keep it up-to-date. In particular you told us that periodically you need to:

  1. have a way to remind parents or students to do so
  2. track who did it and who has not done it yet
  3. keep a record of who and when performed the review

Screen Shot 2015-08-17 at 10.16.08 AM

Our update and review feature makes all these steps easy. When you turn it on, we tell the parents to visit and review their account profiles in the portal, then mark that they did so. Until they do so, a daily e-mail reminds the parents. Another e-mail and a report lets you know who are the ones who have not done it yet.

How do you start? From Settings, click, on Profile Review Settings and watch our 10 minute screencast that explains all the details.


Automatic Payment Reminders


For some time now, NeatSchool supports sending payment reminders from the Dashboard. We blogged about it here and many of you have tried it out. Last week, we introduced a new feature, the support of automatic payment reminders.  The reminders inform your customers that their account is past due or that that a payment due date is coming up. Users with the appropriate privileges receive a report on who received the reminder e-mail. Messages are sent whenever a new charge is made or every few days. You can configure the frequency in Settings. You can also configure the content of the e-mail messages and the amount that triggers the e-mails.

Please turn the reminders on from Settings and send us your feedback!!