Are the Contacts in your Smart Phone up-to-date?


NeatSchool mobile allows now to easily call, e-mail or text any of the parents or students of your program right from your mobile phone or tablet. The information flows directly from the enrollment form processing; you do not need to copy any name, number or e-mail address. Whenever a parent or other administrator changes their contact information in the portal, your phone information will be automatically updated. E-mail uses the native mobile device client and is routed through NeatSchool’s privacy enhanced e-mail system. As parents and students, come and go from your program the NeatSchool Mobile Directory gets updated: started contacts come in and terminated ones move out.

One more reason to love NeatSchool!!!  Questions or comments, let us know…

CDPH 8262 Immunizations Exemptions Form

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NeatSchool makes it easy for you and your parents to download, print and sign the licensing mandated forms. Last week we added a new form, the California Department of Public Health Immunizations “Personal Beliefs Exemption to Required Immunizations” form. All our forms are pre-filled with the information in the online enrollment form and packaged together so that the parents in your program can simply download, print and sign the package. Read more and see all our forms here.

Tuition Payments Gone Mobile


Study after study report that more and more of your customers run their lives from their smart phones. NeatSchool has a very mobile friendly online payments interface. The customers can see their balance and pay right there with multiple different ways. Make it easy for your customers and get paid on time with NeatSchool. When customers pay online with NeatSchool your books and balances get updated automatically and the money flows directly to your bank. No lost or bounced checks and no busy work typing entries in multiple systems.

Online Payments is one of many NeatSchool innovations that make managing your program easier than you ever imagined. Visit our web site to find out about all the NeatSchool advantages.


Never Miss a Prospective Customer

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Consumers today routinely look for services on the internet using their mobile phones and tablets. NeatSchool’s lead management system offers a contact form that renders beautiful on PCs as well as on mobile phones and tablets.

All you need to do is to customize the form and link it from your marketing web site. Click here to try our demo school form and see how it looks and feels on any of your devices.

After a contact form is submitted, you can manage it from the NeatSchool Dashboard. Daily notification e-mails will keep staff up to date on pending prospective customers. This way you will never forget to follow up!!

Dealing with Multiple Google Accounts

Google_Chrome_and_Share_Chrome_with_other_people_-_Chrome_HelpToday I want to address an issue that arises with users who use multiple Google accounts. You might be in that situation if you use Google with both a work and a personal account.

NeatSchool uses Google Accounts to authenticate users. We have blogged before, and we will blog again, why this has been a great decision that improved both security and convenience for our users.  If you only have one Google account you can ignore the rest of this post, but do finish this paragraph because you might be using multiple Google accounts without realizing it. Most people end up using multiple Google accounts because they need one for personal reasons and one or more for work. In fact, you might not even realize that your work account is really a Google account. Many companies use Google for their e-mail service, so although your user name does not end in it might still be a Google account.

Google has over the years made many improvements to Google accounts. Their goal is to be able to have users log in into one or more accounts transparently. However, most users find this very confusing and it also does not work yet with all their services. When logging in to Google all the tabs in your browser and all the other browser windows you open use that account. If you later log in with a second account most Google services remember that you have two accounts; yet only one is active at a time. If you try to open a NeatSchool session it will use the account that is currently active that might not be what exactly you want to do. So what is the sane thing to do?

Here is what we recommend: Google Chrome has a little advertised but great feature called “Support for Multiple Users”. By setting up this feature you can start a browser window using one Google account that is independent from other browser windows. Whatever you do in that browser window stays in that browser window. You can distinguish which browser window is which because there is a small icon or text that appears at the top right of the browser window and tells you what you use that browser for. So, you can use one such “chrome user” window for each of your Google accounts.  This will not only help you keep your sanity, it will also guarantee isolation between work and personal. You will never be embarrassed again when personal stuff pops up in your browser while you show something to a colleague because it will not happen, work stuff will stay in the work browser window and personal stuff will stay in the personal browser window history. You just need to recall to pick the right browser window before you start a browsing task.

So how do you start using this great Chrome feature? Click here for directions or search for “Chrome multiple users” in your favorite search engine.