More Payments Automation

NeatSchool has been providing support for online payments for quite some time now. We make it possible for our customers to provide both bank-to-bank  and credit card payments. Bank to bank transactions are free, while credit card transactions incur a fee, typical of what you find in the industry. Many of our customers already use that functionality to streamline their tuition collection and save time from dealing with checks and cash.

Screen Shot 2015-08-06 at 4.21.02 PM

In our most recent upgrade we included two new features that many of you have been asking for some time now. Your customers can now store their credit card as part of their profile. As with all our other sensitive information, the data is stored encrypted in physically secure certified for security and PCI compliance data centers.

When you want or automatically once a day the system will use that information to charge the card on file for all the customers who have a balance. The customer’s register is automatically updated with the transaction. All that and more options are controlled from the settings page. Please try the payments automation and send us your comments.

Our New Design goes Live


After several months in Beta, yesterday we made our new design the default interface for the Parents & Students portal in all devices. Our new design is modern and has a fresh look. But what we really like about it is that it works on all devices, from mobile phones to high end computer with gigantic screens. And, it is not a different app in each device, it is the same an one app.

Try it and send us your feedback!!