Visiting with all your Students….online

Some times you need to iterate over all your records to check and/or change something. For instance, you might want to see the students who do not have a picture and add one.

Did you know that with NeatSchool Mobile you can easily do that? The screenshots below show how to do this for Students,  give it a try next time you are at the Dashboard. You can do the same from other lists, like all the student in a class, all the signed in students, etc. And of course you can do it with Classes, Accounts and any other record kind.




Attendance from your Mobile Phone


Teachers can now take class attendance from their mobile phone. Each student can be classified as Present, Absent or Tardy. The attendance becomes part of the student history. An attendance report can  be downloaded that shows the attendance record for each student in the class in a certain period.

We have made a short screencast that explains in detail how to take attendance and generate reports. You can find the video screencast link from the Help section in the NeatSchool Dashboard, or contact us to share the link with you.