Attendance from your Mobile Phone


Teachers can now take class attendance from their mobile phone. Each student can be classified as Present, Absent or Tardy. The attendance becomes part of the student history. An attendance report can  be downloaded that shows the attendance record for each student in the class in a certain period.

We have made a short screencast that explains in detail how to take attendance and generate reports. You can find the video screencast link from the Help section in the NeatSchool Dashboard, or contact us to share the link with you.

New Screencasts on how to use Stations

Screen Shot 2014-02-20 at 11.57.13 AMNeatSchool Checkpoint and Classroom stations are tablets or PCs deployed in your premises that serve multiple purposes. First, they automate and move online the sign-in and out process for both Parents and Staff Members. They eliminate the need to print and make sheets available and automatically calculate the staff hours for payroll. Second, they provide a Student Roster including the always most up to date emergency contact and allergies/medication information. Finally, in a classroom setting, staff can use  to report events and activities as they happen and keep parents, students and other staff members on the same page.

We recently posted two YouTube screencasts on how to set up a station and how a Staff Member or Teacher can use it. You can find the screencasts in the help section of the Dashboard or e-mail us for the links.

Issuing Forms 1099 with NeatSchool

www_irs_gov_pub_irs-pdf_f1099msc_pdfMost U.S. organizations have to issue 1099 forms to vendors they paid more than $600 during the calendar year. You should consult your accountant for all the details but pretty much anybody who provided your organization a service and is not incorporated as an S or C Corporation needs such a form. The IRS makes clear that is the responsibility of the payer to track the amount(s) and report by January 31st.

NeatSchool financials have many ways to help you keep track of and issue 1099s:

  1. Every Partner/Vendor record has room for an SSN or EIN
  2. The records also have a checkbox on whether the vendor requires a 1099
  3. There is a report called “Expenses by Vendor” that shows the total amount you paid to each Vendor you worked with in a certain period
  4. The “Expenses by Vendor” report dialog box allows for a report that includes all the information you need to have 1099-MISC and 1096 issued.
  5. Finally, we support certain pre-printed forms and we can print the 1099s directly on them.

If you did not keep your financials in NeatSchool in 2013, it is not too late to start for 2014!!!